Score4sale delivers high quality Hollywood orchestral music for your productions.
We provide:

  • Original music
  • Sound design
  • Multimedia development
  • Stock music
  • Orchestral charts
  • Orchestral contracting
  • Sound mix
  • Forensic restoration
  • Remastering
  • Resources for composers and musicians

Score4Sale is also the web home of the Ensoniq ESQ/SQ80 family of synthesizers.

Copyright Information:

Original content, audio, visual and text Copyright © Mark Wynkoop.

 I PROHIBIT sale or reprint of this content on eBay, on disc, or for any other commerical purpose. 

I retain ownership of original sound design on this website.

Copyright of contributed material is retained by the original owner.

Score4Sale is not affiliated with Emu/Ensoniq.

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  • SQ80 List
  • ESQseMe


  • Rainer Buchty's Ensoniq Heaven
  • Rick Choy's ESQ1 FAQ
  • Dulcimoo's SQ80 Helps
  • Margus Kliimask's ESQ/SQ80 sequence converter

    3rd Party Sounds:

  • SoundEngine Technosis
  • Cesium Sound
  • Pongthrob Analog+ Pack
  • Syntaur: Sam Mimm's Originals and Official Ensoniq banks and products