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The ESQ & SQ80 Synthesizers Mean Business!

Did you know that there are still a number of companies that feature products for the ESQ or SQ80 Synthesizer? From new soundware to Replacement Parts to “New Old Stock” hardware, the E/SQ family of synthesizers are still open for business!

This page is an index of companies that offer E/SQ related products. If you offer ESQ or SQ80 related products or services, please contact the webmaster to request a link on this page.

The sidebar feature buttons link to a growing list of soundbank reviews from vendos who offer high-quality patch banks for the E/SQ.

These links are provided as a service to the E/SQ community and should not be construed as endorsments. Except for Rainer. We freakin’ love that guy.




New Old Stock Ensoniq Components

Buchty Net Ensoniq Shop

Rainer Buchty is “Doctor SQ80”-- A great guy who desrves your business.

New sliders, IC chips, capacitors

Based in the USA, Mouser is a great source for new parts and will deal in small volumes (i.e. they will sell you 1,000 parts or just one, depending on your requirements.)

Official Ensoniq acessories, Official Ensoniq sounds, 3rd party sounds

A classic. Sam Mimms is an ESQ stalwart from way back. Check out his hidden wave patch bank for the ESQ1.

Backup Batteries, SQ80 Floppy Drive

Route 66 Studios

The SQ80 floppy is non-standard. Save yourself grief by paying the extra cash for a guaranteed one from Route 66.

Experienced Hardware Repair and parts


I have never used him, but he’s been around a long time and is still offering service as of 2008.

Soundbanks (Home of the famous “Technonsis Banks”) and more!

Vendor with long time Ensoniq relationship, and all around great folks. Check out their FIZMO banks and Transwave products too!


Cesium Sound

Everybody agrees Cesium’s Nick Longo is a nice guy.  His patches sound wonderful, too.  VST users: if you haven’t bought 3rd party patches for your SQ80 clone before, give his a try.  They import perfectly and offer great value, great variety and fantastic sound.

Midi manager, Disk manager and Sequencer translator

Giebler Enterprises

Gary Giebler wrote great MS-DOS utilities for managing SQ80 Disks and translating sequences to-and-from common formats.  Can anyone confirm that these utilities work on modern Windows platforms?

Midi Quest pro-quality Patch Editor and Librarian

Sound Quest

ESQ/SQ80 editor is second to none. Premium price, but a premium product.

Patch Banks


Analog bliss!  The best new bank of ESQ/SQ80 sounds in 10 years.

Hard and soft cases


Do you make travel cases for the ESQ/SQ80? Email the webmaster to be listed here.

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