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Excelsior, True Believers! After more than 25 years as one of synthdom’s preeminent SQ-80 sound designers, the illustrious Kirk Slinkard is releasing his first commercial product!

Next to actually playing Kirk’s awesome sounds yourself, the next best thing is listening to them. —And some audio demos are already available with more on the way.  

The third best thing to playing the sounds is reading detailed descriptions, trivia and tips about each sound.

Kirk has consented to make the breezy, information-packed manual available for your amusement and amazement. Enjoy the full and complete manual below.  You can expand the “flipbook” reader to zoom to your full screen size.

I jumped at the chance to participate any way I could. This means I “forced” a totally goofy musician’s manual on him.

—Don’t tell him that I thoroughly enjoyed creating the layout for the goofy book. 

I’m amazed and inspired by his “next-level”  synth programming. And I’m sure you will be too.


Click here to purchase the full soundset.  Two complete banks with hundreds of built-in articulations. An $80 value, available exclusively from the artist, Kirk Slinkard an unheard-of discount, shipped directly to you with a deluxe package premium extras.  Click here to buy!!! Astounding!

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