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The most advanced collection of SQ-80 patches available! Dozens of "holy grail" sounds using advanced "insider" techniques from boffin Kirk Slinkard!

  • Breathtaking pads, hard-rocking synths & keys, awe-inspiring drums & effects
  • Extensively sculpted envelopes & LFOs
  • Exotic waveshaping, including dynamic waveforms & hidden waves
  • Stereo symphonics: Autopanner, Phaser, Chorus & Reverb effects
Format: SQ80 Floppy Disk
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    The Story of the Sounds

    Imagine a world where sound is more important that market share or marketing. Imagine cutting-edge sonic R&D still in progress for a 25 year old synthesizer.

    Kirk Slinkard's Disruptor Banks brings these sounds to your world NOW. From rock and roll leads & drums to straight-up synths to sounds you’ve never, ever heard! These powerful patches plug directly into your sexy cerebellum, inspiring you to create music like never before!

    The Disruptor Banks represent truly disruptive sound technology. These 80+ sounds focus decades of sound design expertise like a sonic supernova. Without a doubt, the most advanced programming ever brought to market for this architecture.

    Available for the first time. Only on disk and only for your Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizer.

    You can view the Disruptor Banks User Guide HERE.

    Many of these patches use nonstandard parameter values that are not recognized by dump librarian software and can't be typed from the panel.
    Plus, it's way cooler! Like recording on tape or pressing your album on vinyl!
    • Floppy Disk with 2 banks of sounds
    • Printed reference manual
    • Extra! “Easter Egg” sounds!



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