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This “How To”  Section is a gears n’ guts resource for sound design information.

This section contains resources for creating your own sounds and getting the most out of your Hardware or computer.

Sound Design for Musicians

Get transcendent tones from your ESQ/SQ80!

How do I make that Van Halen “Jump” lead?  How do I tame those complicated envelopes?  And where is the filter envelope anyway? This programming section is your forum to get a handle on creating sounds for your ESQ/SQ80.

This ever-growing section features resources you’ll use often like the LFO and Envelope time tables, what the different modules and parameters of the synthesizer do, plus hints and tips on creating specific kinds of sounds.

Write me and let me know what kind of content you’d like to see in the Sound Design Resource!

Envelope Resource Center

Hey! The Envelope Resource Center is a big deal!

Face it, you stink at envelopes. The resource center is here to help! It features an easy intro for total beginners, includes slick timing charts, plus a terrific special feature:

Bonus!   --This handy online application helps you master every single parameter in a simple 1-screen format!

William H’s video tutorials are awesome

The videos on this page are a great way to start learning about the power of LFOs, especially if you want to create drum and arpeggio effects!  His pro-level production quality is a cut above the standard Youtube drivel. 

Check them out if you haven’t seen them (or even if you need a refresher). I’ve added new links to his sound files for you to use, and the page features his bonus video, which doesn’t appear at Sonic State.

Note -- Youtube Content:
Web-video enabled access required. If your network administration blocks Youtube-like web video, at best you will see blank boxes on the page where the videos belong.