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You always thought he was a Mad Scientist?

Well, heís finally admitted it.

Kirk Slinkard is back with a second set of canít-believe-its-possible patches, demos and other insane sonic experiments.

If youíve questioned the wisdom of twisting the laws of synth conventions and torturing bit-wise parameters to devise sounds youíve never heard before, this set will leave you equally unsettled:


Inspired by Lovecraft, Tesla and a host of more obscure trailblazers, these are a broad range of sounds across a dozen categories that will unlock capabilities of your Ensoniq SQ-80 that youíve never imagined

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Take a look at the Musicianís Manual for a look inside the mind of the evil genius who devised these banks:







Download the Mad Scientist Musicianís Manual in PDF format.

  • Keep in mind its a VERY large and slow download
  • If you want instant gratification, its a lot quicker to use the online viewer (above).

Download PDF Manual - On your system you may need to right click and Save As or select Download from a menu


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