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New Feature: Just in time for the major new Star Trek motion picture, we revisit expert sound designer Kirk Slinkard’s famous Star Trek Sound Effects recreations from the original series.

Next, we take a feature look at the SQ9L VST instrument with a special focus on why this synth sounds better than most VST emulations.    It’s not just because the ESQ/SQ80 is a killer architecture. 


Ensoniq SQ80 on Apex Stand

And don’t miss the fun feature on recreating the Hohner Clavinet on the (E)SQ platform.  It was a voyage of discovery that netted us a free bank of highly rated sounds, including a few surprises. Go ahead an audition the patches, and vote and leave comments on your favorites. . .and especially on the ones you hate!


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In Black And White

Dateline: February 2009

If you haven’t read the results of last year’s Clav Shootout, or downlaoded the free patches, rush right over to the last page of the Clav feature and grab ‘em. They’re free for nothin’!

Soon-To-Be News

Coming up this month is the first “Sounds Good” page, where we do a feature profile on groundbreaking classic sounds, cool sounds or even cliché sounds.

First up is a feature on sound design guru Kirk Slinkard’s world famous Star Trek patches for the ESQ. 

Also, if I get my mad PHP skills coordinated with my def server configuration skills, then you folks can upload your own patches for our next shootout.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 Control

We’ll put up a “vote for a shootout” widget, but I’m betting the next one will be electric pianos, based on the interest of the mailing list.

And if you’re not already on it, sign up for Rainer Buchty’s world-renowned SQ80  mailing list!  The Christmas lull is over, and I’m sure all you new SQ8L users are just as welcome as the users of the hardware versions. Your browser may say the security certificate is expired but your browser lies.  Click right past it and join up!